Press Release (April 5, 2010)

Cephas Capital Partners II, LP announces the addition of three new limited partners to the fund as Evans Bank headquartered in Hamburg, NY, Genesee Regional Bank based in Rochester, NY, and Tioga State Bank, with its’ main office located in Owego, NY, have joined the existing group of limited partner investors. Also, John Mooney, an existing Limited Partner, has increased his capital commitment to the fund. Given this closing, the General Partners have now successfully completed their fundraising efforts, with the private capital committed for Cephas II now nearly 20% greater than the amount committed for Cephas I. Importantly, the new limited partners in Cephas II further broaden the geographic coverage in Upstate NY where these partner banks have corporate lending teams calling on customers and prospects in their respective communities, who now have a greater awareness of the capabilities that Cephas can bring to their markets.

Cephas Capital Partners and Cephas Capital Partners II are both licensed Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC’s), a private-sector led partnership with the U.S. Government. Cephas II is actively seeking opportunities to help finance transactions involving management-led changes in ownership, businesses contemplating an acquisition or major growth opportunity, or companies facing special financing circumstances. Since inception, the two funds have invested in excess of $70 million in 47 businesses matching these sorts of needs, with nearly all of these companies located in Upstate NY. Cephas Capital is headquartered at 11 Schoen Place, Pittsford, NY. For additional information please call Clint Campbell or Jeffery Holmes at 585-383-1610.