General Partner’s, Jefferey Holmes and Clint Campbell are proud to announce that Cephas Capital celebrated its’ 25-year anniversary in July of 2022. Founded in July of 1997 and looking back on a successful history of supporting small business, Campbell notes that Cephas has filled a largely unmet capital need in our region with an ability to fund transactions above what is generally available from the “family and friends” network, but below the threshold typically required to entice investors into Upstate New York from outside of the area. To date, Cephas Capital has helped over 60 Upstate New York based businesses achieve their funding goals.

As the economy transitions over the coming years, Holmes believes that the current fund, Cephas Capital Partners III, LP, is well positioned to help keep strong Upstate NY businesses in the hands of local owners. As the “baby boom” generation decides to sell their operations, Cephas can assist the next line management teams with investment capital to strengthen the appeal of a management led buyout option. In fact, the first completed transaction in the “Cephas III” portfolio involved just such a scenario, keeping a thriving Rochester, NY based business in the hands of a new manager/owner. The General Partners believe that many such opportunities will arise over the next few years, and encourage all parties to reach out to Cephas Capital to discuss how these type of deals can be brought to fruition.

Cephas Capital Partners II, LP and Cephas Capital Partners III, LP are both licensed Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC’s), a private-sector led partnership with the U.S. Government. “Cephas III” is actively seeking opportunities to help finance transactions involving management-led changes in ownership, businesses contemplating an acquisition or major growth opportunity, or companies facing special financing circumstances. Since inception, the two funds have invested in excess of $100 million in over 60 businesses. We are located at 11 Schoen Place, Pittsford, NY. For additional information please call Clint Campbell or Jeffery Holmes at 585-383-1610.

Press Release (June 30, 2021)

Press Release (June 30, 2021)

Jeffery Holmes and Clint Campbell, the General Partners of Cephas Capital Partners III, LP (“Cephas III”), are pleased to announce that fundraising for their third licensed Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”) has been completed, with additional private capital commitments taking the fund to the targeted $15 million level. S&T Bank, headquartered in Indiana, PA, has been added as a new Limited Partner and Genesee Regional Bank, based in Rochester, NY, agreed to increase its’ capital commitment to the fund. Cephas III is now positioned to invest between $500,000 and $4.5 million in deserving businesses across the region for needs that can not be met by traditional banking sources. With the S&T Bank footprint including NY, PA, and Ohio, the Partnership looks forward to addressing the Bank’s customer and prospect needs across this expended geography.

All inquiries should be directed to Jeffrey Holmes ( or Clint Campbell (

Press Release (November 24, 2020)

Press Release (November 24, 2020)

PITTSFORD, NY – General Partners Clint Campbell and Jeffery Holmes are proud to announce the launch of their latest private equity fund, Cephas Capital Partners III, LP. The fund was established with just under $13 million of private capital with 100% of our Community Bank Limited Partners from “Cephas II”, agreeing to also invest in “Cephas III”.

“Cephas III” has also successfully completed the application process and has been awarded a license to operate as a Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”). Started in 1958, the SBIC Program is a private-public partnership administered by the SBA’s Office of Investment & Innovation located in Washington, D.C. and was established to provide a source of capital for growth stage companies. Both “Cephas I” and “Cephas II” have operated as licensed SBIC’s and have invested over $100 million in Upstate NY businesses since 1997. “Cephas III” joins approximately 300 other SBIC’s across the country, and one of the primary benefits of the SBIC license is the access it provides to relatively low-cost additional leverage to augment its’ private capital.

Both Campbell and Holmes believe that the new fund will be ideally positioned to assist business owners presented with a variety of funding needs including buy-outs of established Upstate NY companies, keeping the majority equity stake in the hands of local operating management, or recapitalizations related to recovery from COVID related impacts.


Press Release (August 1, 2019)

Rochester, New York – General Partners Clint Campbell and Jeffery Holmes are pleased to announce the formation of Cephas Capital Partners III, LP, (“Cephas III”) a partnership formed to operate as a Small Business Investment Company (“SBIC”). The original Cephas fund, Cephas Capital Partners, LP, founded in July of 1997, was established to serve Upstate New York’s small business owners, providing non-traditional growth capital for firms requiring between $500,000 and $3 million. Cephas Capital Partners II, LP (“Cephas II”) was formed in September 2009 to continue this mission. With over $100 million deployed in over 60 deserving business during the last 22+ years, Cephas III expects to build on this foundation of success. The partners will be working with the Small Business Administration (“SBA”) in the coming months to pursue licensing as an SBIC. All Limited Partner institutional investors that participated in Cephas II have made capital commitments to Cephas III and include Arrow Financial, Canandaigua National Bank, Evans Bank, Five Star Bank, Genesee Regional Bank, NBT Bank, Tompkins Bank of Castile, and Tioga State Bank. The SBA licensing process is expected to require up to one year to fully complete.